Surprising sources of gluten

Gluten is hidden in many foods so it’s always wise to double check the label. Here are some surprising sources:

Soy sauce

Usually made from soy beans and wheat.  Some tamari sauce is gluten-free but you can also try liquid amino’s.


Certain pickles are off limits. Depending on the pickling process, malt vinegar may be inside the jar, and malt vinegar is made from barley. Opt for a corn-based vinegar or check that your product is gluten free.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs, boerewors and sausages usually contain wheat as a filler. Ask your butcher if it’s possible to make you some that are gluten free.


Often made with wheat flour as a main ingredient. Almost impossible to find a gluten free option in South Africa.

Veggie burgers

These often contain wheat to bind them and to act as a filler. Other faux meat products rely on gluten as well as it can give a meaty texture to veggie replacements. Stick to making yours at home using wholesome ingredients.

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