Healthy breakfast spread

Eat Well and Be Happy


I frequently harp on about the importance of diet in mental health. I feel the need to constantly report on trials to prove my point not only to clients but to doctors as well. So finally, here we have it, a 2019 meta-analysis of 16 RCT (randomized controlled trials) showing dietary interventions significantly reduced depressive symptoms.

The absolute truth is that no anti-depressant alone can cure depression. Whether it’s Prozac, Cipralex, Brintellix, etc – if you don’t make significant dietary and lifestyle changes, the drugs may lift you out of a severe depression, but they will not make you happy.

Dietary intervention in the management of depression should be as essential as dietary intervention in the management of Type 2 Diabetes. Inflammation and oxidative stress complicate both disease pathways and both are complicated by poor diets high in sugar and refined carbohydrates and comparatively extremely low in vegetables, good fats and fruit.

I understand, dietary changes are easier said than done. You may not feel like eating a massive bowl of vegetables slathered in extra virgin olive oil but you basically have no choice.

The only way we can give ourselves the best chance of feeling well, is by eating well.