Dairy milk in glass

Dairy-free, Calcium-free – I think not

I often see clients that are concerned about their calcium intake if they are following a dairy-free diet.  The good news is that calcium doesn’t only come in dairy products and calcium pills, it is contained in many different foods with a variety of different colours. And most, are quite delicious. More delicious, that is than a glass of milk.


Bony fish (sardines and salmon), shellfish and seaweed (kelp and dulse) all contain good levels of calcium. Kelp is actually incredibly high in calcium and although you won’t be eating huge amounts per meal, every little bit helps.

Dark green leafy vegetables

Kale, collard leaves, turnip greens, parsley, watercress, and broccoli are essentials that won’t only help with your calcium levels but will increase phase 2 liver detoxification as well. A win win!

Nuts and seeds

Almonds, Brazils, sunlfower seeds, sesame seeds – eat them, spread them! Apart from their calcium content they contain anti-inflammatory fats and a good dose of minerals.

Dried fruits

Apricots, dates, figs, prunes and raisins – all good options but ideally they should be sulfur-dioxide free.


Especially egg yolk. If you aren’t eating an egg a day, you should start (just make sure it’s either free range or organic).

So don’t panic. As much as the dairy industry would have you believe that you cannot survive without cow’s milk, you can. And many do. For more information about personalised diets or nutritional information about products you’re looking to add to your diet, contact me for a consultation.