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Healthy Snacks for Kids

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The latest US research shows that a mere 12%  of American children are meeting the recommended servings of fruit and only 8% of American children are meeting the recommended servings of veggies. I’d like to think we’re better off in South Africa but I have a sneaky suspicion that if we are not a par […]

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Allergies in children and nutritional intervention

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  I was very excited to be interviewed this week by Radio 786. We spoke, at length, about using nutritional intervention to support children with environmental allergies (like hay fever and asthma) as well as food allergies. We also spoke about allergy in both young children and teenagers and how nutritional therapy could be a […]

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POSTED IN Kids Health ON Jun 16th, 2010    6 Comments

This is the process of accustoming a baby to a diet of solid foods which will eventually replace milk as the main source of nutrition. The process of weaning takes quite a few months, beginning when solids are first introduced and ending when a baby is on three meals a day and able to drink […]

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Biomedical Approach to Learning Challenges in Children

POSTED IN Kids Health ON Jun 13th, 2010    4 Comments

This article should not be used in place of consulting with a qualified health professional. The biomedical approach is not ‘alternative’ medicine; it is a science-based, molecular-biological approach to treating children with learning challenges. The aim of the biomedical approach is to address the underlying health problems through diet, nutritional supplements, identifying hidden allergies, treating […]

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Burger Diet Boosts Kids’ Asthma and Wheeze Risk

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A large international study has found that eating three or more burgers a week may increase the risk of a child developing asthma.  Conversely, a Mediterranean diet rich in fruit, vegetables and fish seems to stave off the risk. Fruit and vegetables are rich in antioxidant vitamins and biologically active agents, while the omega 3 […]

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Pesticide Exposure & Plastic Chemicals Linked to ADHD

POSTED IN Kids Health ON May 31st, 2010    1 Comment

Several research reports have been published of late, linking both pesticides and plastic chemicals (Phthalates) to ADHD. This research is alarming given that these compounds may have potentially contaminated much of the food chain. These recent papers come after research published last year linking ADHD to lead toxicity. You can reduce exposure to these toxins […]

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