A May 2024 study highlights the profound impact that diet quality can have on mental health and brain structure. The study "Adherence to unhealthy diets is associated with altered frontal gamma-aminobutyric acid and glutamate concentrations and grey matter volume: preliminary findings" delves into this complex relationship, focusing on how diet influences neurochemistry and brain morphology. The study looked at 30 adults divided into two groups: those who ate a healthy Mediterranean

Aging is an inevitable part of life, but recent scientific advancements suggest that we might have more control over how we age than previously thought. Biological age, which reflects the true state of our bodies at a cellular level, can differ from chronological age, the number of years we have lived. Emerging research indicates that lifestyle and dietary changes can significantly reduce biological age, effectively making us younger from the

The adrenal glands are part of the endocrine system and regulate the body's stress response through the HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis. Problems in the HPA axis can result in either underactivity (hypofunction) or overactivity (hyperfunction), impacting chronic disease risk. Functional medicine aims to find and treat the root causes of these dysfunctions to restore and promote optimal health. Misconceptions About "Adrenal Fatigue" Many refer to "adrenal fatigue" as if the adrenal glands wear

To identify the root cause of your health problems, Functional Medicine Testing uses advanced nutrient, blood, hormone, stool, saliva, and genetic tests.   Functional medicine practitioners commonly use specific lab tests to gain a better understanding of what is going on in your body's ecosystem. Functional Medicine Testing consists of advanced nutrient, blood, hormone, stool, saliva and genetic tests to identify the root cause of your health issues. Although it very much depends

Approximately 463 million people have diabetes in the world. The International Diabetes Federation reported that there are 1.8 million South Africans living with diabetes. However, it estimates an additional undiagnosed population of 69% of the total number of diabetics. The African continent is expected to see the highest increase in diabetes globally by 2045 from 19 million to 47 million.   Whilst type 2 diabetes has several causes, genetics and lifestyle choices

Many people who contract Covid-19 will recover in 2-3 weeks.  However, for some people, even those who have had mild Covid, symptoms can persist for months. This is called Long Covid and can include many symptoms that have originally been associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.   What are some of the symptoms that are associated with Long Covid: Fatigue Shortness of breath Cough Joint pain Muscle pain and weakness Chest pain Brain

With Covid-19 set to be firmly with us for 2021, this continues to be the time to focus on boosting immunity. Whilst research is still lacking on the effectiveness of nutritional interventions in Covid-19, we can certainly take what we know already on what impacts the immune system and our immunity. I plan to write  some blog posts over the next few weeks on different factors that impact immunity. The gut

For some people, bloating is experienced as slight discomfort during the day. For others, it can be all consuming - painful, gassy, distended, uncomfortable. It is definitely one of the most common symptoms that are presented during a consultation.  Generally, the reason for bloating is too much intestinal gas and can be caused by a number of things. Some of the associated conditions include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel

I've seen a couple clients in the past few weeks that have recovered from Covid-19 but are struggling with post viral fatigue. Some of the main symptoms of this include extreme fatigue, sensitivity to pain and light and sometimes depression. Other post viral fatigue symptoms can include headache, dizziness, poor concentration, impaired memory, irritability and sleep disturbance. Although we have no research on post viral fatigue associated with Covid-19, there are

Hi everyone, Wow, suffice to say - these are interesting and stressful times. So while you find your mojo, don’t forget to keep on top of your health too. Unfortunately, while Covid-19 is all most of us can think about, other health conditions have not gone away. Whether you have PCOS, endometriosis, an autoimmune condition or suffer from a mental health issue, remember to continue to support yourself optimally, this will ultimately