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5 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Lose Weight

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Banting, Blood Type, Low GI, Low Fat, Fasting… you’ve tried them all. Yet, those kilos just aren’t budging and your mood is sinking with each incremental increase on the scale.

If you’ve been losing the battle against the bulge, perhaps it’s time to start investigating the underlying contributory factors:

Adrenal stress and thyroid function

Central weight gain is often related to stress. Additionally, stress has a negative impact on thyroid function which affects metabolism. Some simple blood tests can rule these out.

Gut function

Dysbiosis (not enough good bacteria) as well as high levels of bad bacteria and yeast in the gut are associated with weight gain. Additionally, a history of unhealthy eating is associated with unhealthy flora. You can investigate your gut flora through functional medicine labs in South Africa and overseas.

Insulin resistance

You may have tested your fasting glucose before, but have you tested your fasting insulin? High fasting insulin is a precursor to insulin resistance. If your insulin is high, it will be difficult to lose weight. A simple blood test can rule this out.

Poor Detoxification

Years of medication, contraceptive pills, alcohol and smoking (not necessarily all) will place strain on liver detox pathways and ultimately make it difficult to lose weight. Sometimes, your liver needs just a little nudge in the right direction – whether it’s green veg or therapeutic support – it’s definitely something worth investigating.

Your genes and the environment

Genetics determines your susceptibility to obesity. Nutrition is an environmental factor of major importance. While your genes may determine how your body handles foods like fats and carbohydrates, your ability to choose foods that best suit your genes will not only help with weight loss but with disease prevention. Finding out what “genetically” is the best diet for you, personalised nutrition can be the difference between successful long-term weight loss and weight gain.

I’ve written an article in Natural Medicine on The Genetics of Dieting.

It’s worth a read if you have time and I’m happy to answer any questions. You may also contact me for more information or book a consultation.