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Knowing and understanding what a child needs for his or her optimum nutrition is the responsibility of every caring parent. The difference between a child who is simply fed daily and one who is optimally nourished is immeasurable.

Kids with a well Balanced Nutrition have:

  • Mental alertness
  • Sound sleep
  • Boundless energy without hyperactivity
  • Virtual absence of illness

I became passionate about child nutrition when a friend of mine’s son was diagnosed with autism several years ago. Going very much against the grain at the time (particularly in South Africa), she refused to put her son onto any psychotropic medications and, instead, successfully managed many of his symptoms through diet and supplements. Their journey, which has been very challenging at times, has been an inspiration to me. I draw on this inspiration daily when helping my clients address their children’s learning challenges through adopting a biomedical approach.

The biomedical approach is not ‘alternative’ medicine: it focuses on examining an individual’s biochemistry and using the resulting information to design a specific therapeutic regimen to treat the person’s underlying, whole-body problems.  In contrast, the primary focus of the drug approach is to eliminate behavioural problems, and little consideration is given to treating the underlying biochemistry.

My aim in consultations is to give sensible, practical, everyday advice, based on a sound scientific background for parents in today’s confusing nutritional world.

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